Neil Tetkowski lives in New York. His studio is in the Bronx overlooking the kinetic landscape of the city with views of boats, trains and planes. Tetkowski’s artwork is widely published and represented in nearly 50 museum collections.  His artworks and projects are often a means to express his relationship to the natural environment and the interdependency of all people. He has received many awards including a Ford Foundation grant. Tetkowski has had solo shows in Japan, Italy, China, Sweden, Germany, Canada and the Netherlands. 



Neil Tetkowski creates art that communicates beyond cultural barriers. It is with this global perspective that his artwork is embraced throughout the world. Tetkowski’ projects reflect his conviction that art can be a vital community process accessible to a broad audience. His material of choice comes directly from the Earth, and most often he uses clay, which he believes is the perfect medium to express his relationship to the environment.




At the heart of Neil Tetkowski’s multi-faceted artistic undertaking is a singularly fascinating concept: collect clay and sand samples from all United Nations Member States, formulate them into a single “world clay”, and create a landmark sculpture celebrating the interconnection of all human beings. This is an artwork with a remarkable story of collaboration.


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