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Rethinking Mythos:

A Mid-Career Retrospective


Earth Fragments


The Story of the Common Ground World Project


The Terracotta Project



Click on these links to view PDFs of magazine articles and essays.
2017 - The Story of the Common Ground World Project
2016 - Ceramics: Art & Perception, Neil Tetkowski, Statements for Eternity, by Heidi McKenzie
2015 - Revista in Ceramica, Refexiones y Mitos, by Roberta Griffith
2015 - Rethinking Mythos - Neil Tetkowski Retrospective, Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery
2014 - Art News, Earth Fragments Beijing, by Stacey Duff
2013 - Earth Fragements Exhibition Catalog, Renmin University, Beijing, China
2013 - Ceramics: Art & Perception, Neil Tetkowski's Earth Fragments by Adam Welch
2012 - d'Art International, Earth Fragments, by Dominique Nahas
2011 - Ceramics Technical, The Terracotta Project, by Neil Tetkowski
2011 - Ceramics: Art & Perception, Evocations and Commonalities, by Dominique Nahas
2008 - Tetkowski, Mythos, by Shuhei Yamatani
2005 - Ceramics Monthly, Generations in Time, by Sasha Hirschfeld
2004 - Ceramophile, Current Exhibition: Installation 188 The Common Ground World Project
2003 - American Ceramics Magazine, Neil Tetkowski, by John Perreault
2003 - Ceramics Technical, Common Ground World Project, by Linda Kuehne
2003 - Neue Keramik, Common Ground World Project, by Linda Kuehne (Dutch)
2003 - Ceramophile, Upcoming Exhibition: Installation 188
2003 - American Contemporary Ceramics, Neil Tetkowski
2003 - The Kanazawa Project, Generations in Time, by Neil Tetkowski
2002 - American Craft, Common Ground: Neil Tetkowski's World Mandala Monument, by Bill Hunt
2002 - Secretariat News, Uncommon Clay
2001 - Sculpture Magazine, World Mandala Monument UN Project Nearing Completion
2001 - Ceramics: Art and Perception, Neil Tetkowski's Urban Ikebana, by David Revere McFadden
2000 - Ceramics Monthly, Common Ground World Mandala, by Robert C. Morgan
1998 - Ceramics Monthly, Lessons from a City Kiln, by Marc Leuthold with Sarah G. Walkins
1997 - Neil Tetkowski: Man van twee werelden, by Allaard Hidding (Dutch)
1996 - Impressed and Incised Ceramics, Gestures in Clay, by Coll Minogue
1995 - American Ceramics Magazine, Neil Tetkowski at Myungsook Lee Gallery, by Karen Chambers
1995 - Ceramics Monthly, AIDS Research Fundraiser
1993 - Ceramics: Art and Perception, Clay, Steel, Confrontation and Concern, by Manya Fabiniak
1992 - Asahi Weekly, by Sayako Aragaki
1992 - Hetjens Museum, Neil Tetkowski (exhibition catalogue), by Ekkart Klinge (German)
1991 - Buffalo Spree, Arts and Politics: A Creative Approach, by Manya Fabiniak
1991 - Ceramics Monthly, Tetkowski: Ground War
1990 - The World and I, Neil Tetkowski: Playing with Plates, by Karen S. Chambers
1989 - American Ceramics Magazine, Neil Tetkowski, by Michael McTwigan
1988 - International Meeting (Japanese)
1988 - The Japan Times, Neil Tetkowski: Testing Japan's Ancient Kilns, by Liane Grunberg
1988 - Tetkowski Tokyo, Neil Tetkowski, by Michael McTwigan
1988 - Buffalo Magazine, A Different Kind of Beauty (cover story), by Anthony Cardinale
1987 - Ceramics Monthly, Neil Tetkowski: American Iron and Steel, by Charles Carlson, Jr.
1985 - Hono-o-Geijitso, by Hideto Satonaka (Japanese)
1985 - Tokyo Journal, Neil Tetkowski's Disks, by Amaury Saint-Gilles
1985 - The Ikebana Ryusei
1985 - American Ceramics Magazine, Neil Tetkowski, by Janet Koplos
1984 - Ceramics Monthly, Neil Tetkowski Workshop by Jeanne Salerno
1984 - Keramik Magazin, Neil Tetkowski (German)
1984 - Neil Tetkowski (Chinese)
1984 - Tetkowski Portfolio, Neil Tetkowski, by Michael McTwigan
1984 - Ceramica, Neil Tetkowski, by Michael McTwigan (Spanish)
1983 - American Craft, Portfolio: Neil Tetkowski
1982 - Ceramics Monthly, Neil Tetkowski (cover story), by Janet Koplos


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